What's Next with your Lease?

So you decided to lease a Mazda vehicle, and now your lease term is set to expire. Although you probably discussed your end-of-lease options with your leasing consultant, that was a long time ago. If you discover that you’re having some trouble remembering how many options you have and what they are, we’d like to help. Here are your options when you come back to Classic Mazda:

  1. Option 1: Turn your leased Mazda in and walk on out. Bring the car, keys, and any original accessories to the dealership, fill out some simple paperwork, and you're done.
  2. Since you'll probably need a car, though there's also Option 2: Turn your Mazda in and lease a new one out! Do the same as you did for option 1, except this time you'll be in a brand new lease in a brand new car with all the latest technology and safety equipment.
  3. Option 3: Come on in and buy out your lease to continue driving your current leased Mazda. Bring the car to our dealership, say something to the effect of, "My car and I are going to stick together," and sign some simple paperwork to finance or pay for the remainder of the car's purchase price.

Now that you know your options, you're sure not to miss a mile of driving! Visit our Mazda showroom in Orlando, FL to explore our new Mazda inventory!

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