Trunk-or-treat is a Kid Friendly Halloween Event

Every year, more and more organizations, schools, churches and communities are holding trunk-or-treat celebrations; utilizing SUVs, large sedans and other vehicles to facilitate a fun Halloween party. Trunk-or-treat activities involve decorating a vehicle’s trunk, hatchback or even a truck bed to depict a fun or scary Halloween scene!

Mazda SUVs are popular for trunk-or-treat parties because their big size makes them a great blank canvas to decorate and leaves plenty of room for kid-pleasing candy. Large sedans also have a great deal of room for fun decor, and their deep insides will give you the opportunity for extremely spooky scenes. Some people have even used the trunks of sedans as an earthen grave or a coffin! Truck beds are unique in that they provide multiple feet of open space for ghoulish scenes.

There are plenty of trunk-or-treat ideas online, or you can visit us at Classic Mazda in Orlando, FL. We enjoy Halloween and have vehicles perfect for your next trunk-or-treat activity.

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