Oil Changes Extends the Life of Your Engine

One of the most important pieces of regular maintenance your car needs is an oil change.

Regular oil changes can help extend the life of your vehicle a great deal. Old oil can be sticky, leading to poor lubrication that creates friction. Enough friction can reduce the effectiveness of your engine and wear down its parts. This can lead to expensive repairs and a decrease in performance.
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Refreshing your oil can keep your engines moving properly and your car running smoothly. It can also lead to better mileage, a perk most everyone can appreciate.

Fresh oil helps lubricate the moving parts inside your engine? It helps keep everything moving smoothly. They also aid in better gas mileage.

If you're in need of an oil change, get in touch with the service department at Classic Mazda in Orlando, FL. Our service staff can change your oil and fix any other maintenance issues your car might have.

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