When To Have Your Headlights Serviced

When your vehicle’s headlights aren’t working correctly, it reduces visibility at night and creates dangerous driving conditions. Knowing when to have your headlights serviced can help keep you safe on the road.

Headlights are made up of a headlight housing and a bulb. The housing is the protective material that surrounds the bulb, including a clear cover on the front of your car. There are several types of bulbs that can be in a headlight, depending on the car. If your headlights seem to be producing less light, or you’re having trouble seeing at night, it is time for headlight service.

Our team at Classic Mazda in Orlando, FL can inspect your headlights and determine if they need service. Whether it’s a bulb replacement, a housing replacement, or just a resurfacing of the clear cover, our team can get your headlights back to normal. Come see us today.

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