Checking the Power of the Car Battery with a Voltmeter

In order to safely check the strength of the car battery, you need a voltmeter, some good quality work gloves, and safety eye-wear.

Turn the car engine and lights off before attempting to work around the battery. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves.

The voltmeter will only have two (2) different color cables, a red for positive and black for negative.

On the battery will be a plus and minus sign next to each terminal. The red cable to plus, the black cable to minus signs.

The voltmeter will register 12.4 when your car battery has plenty of power. If the meter comes back with a reading at or below the 12.2 mark, the battery is not able to hold a charge any longer.

Don't ignore problems with a slow cranking battery, Classic Mazda has a crew ready to inspect the charging system and replace the battery if needed.

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