Mazda6 Covers Safety

The Mazda6 is a favorite in the sedan class. It is stylish, comes with advanced technology, and it is packed with safety features. Safety is covered from top to bottom.

To help prevent front-end collisions, the Mazda6 comes equipped with Smart City Brake Support or SCBS. Sensors are woven into the front framework of the car. If something is detected, the smart system will begin braking.

Traction and control is another area Mazda invested in with the Dynamic Stability Control and Traction Control System. When a vehicle enters a slippery corner, a wheel may lose traction. This dynamic system senses the loss, and the technology takes control of the tire and the amount of energy it is getting from the engine.

The Mazda6 has even more safety features. If you want to explore and experience all of them today, visit our showroom here at Classic Mazda, and take a test drive.




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