Avoid Scary Situations With the Safety Features on the Mazda3 Sedan

You're driving down the road when you hear and feel your tires hit the shoulders. You quickly veer back into the lane. Well, that was scary. It happens, but there are safety features in the popular compact sedan, the Mazda3, that can help you stay on the road and away from accidents.

The Mazda3 has lane-keep assist, which is a features that will tell you when you're swerving out of the lines on the road. It will even correct your steering if you fail to do so. This can be a great benefit to you if you spill your coffee in your lap and become distracted.

Blind-spot monitoring is another feature that you can add onto the Mazda3. It's a tool that can tell you that another vehicle is in your blind spot. It will signal you of the vehicle by lighting a sign in the side mirror and making a chiming noise.



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