Expect More from Your Vehicle’s Differential

Most cars, trucks, and SUVs come with differential systems, much more compared to cars of just a decade ago. They go far beyond just making sure that the power delivered to each wheel is consistent to avoid slippage or loss of traction. Advanced differential systems improve vehicle handling and safety, extend tire and transmission life, and even increase fuel efficiency. We are happy to explain your vehicles differential system and how it works when you bring it in for service at Classic Mazda in Orlando.

There are three primary purposes for a cars differential system. The first is directing the power from the engine down to the wheels itself. A motor without a differential system to drive the wheels is just a lot of wasted power. Another purpose is to act as a secondary transmission of sorts, allowing for another RPM reduction before power is delivered to the wheels. The third reason and why it is called a differential is to adjust the amount of power delivered to each wheel when the vehicle is turning.

As you can see the differential is a very important part of any vehicle. Making sure that it is properly maintained and operating properly will ensure a long life for your vehicle. When you do need service give our expert mechanics here at service center a call.

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