How to Jump Start Another Car

That annoying 'click' when your battery is dead isn't going to get you anywhere fast, even if you do continue turning the ignition to see if you were just imagining things. There are a number of things that can cause a battery to lose charge, but right now you just want the car to start.

A set of jumper cables can get you back on the road and where you want to be pretty quickly if another vehicle is available to assist. Here is how to use jumper cables.

  • Drive the vehicle with the good battery as close to nose to nose with the one having the dead battery as possible.
  • Put them in park on automatic transmission or neutral in standard and turn them off.
  • Locate the positive and negative battery terminals on each vehicle and the corresponding jumper cable end clamps.
  • Attached the cables to the dead battery first positive to positive leaving the negative end free at this time.
  • Attach the other ends of the jumper cables to the already charged battery positive to positive and negative to negative.
  • Now attach the free hanging negative jumper cable end to a metal bracket or other engine part away from moving parts like belts and pulleys, but not to the negative battery post.
  • Start the engine with the charged battery and let it run a couple of minutes.
  • Turn the ignition switch on the vehicle, but no more than four times if it doesn’t start the first time.

You may need to adjust the cable ends to get a good connection or allow the dead battery to charge a bit longer, but if there is still life in it this should do the trick. Stop by our service center here at Classic Mazda in Orlando, FL if you need help with your vehicle battery.

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