The Importance of Tire Pressure

When you get into your car every day, you pass a sticker on the panel of your door that tells you the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle. It’s important to check on the PSI in your tires from time to time to ensure your tires are where they need to be.

If your tire pressure is too low, it can make it very easy to get a flat. If your tire pressure is too high, it could cause your tires to blow when you’re driving on them. Tires that don’t have the right PSI are more likely to go bald and need to be replaced sooner than necessary, too.

A tire pressure monitor should be kept in your car at all times. It will allow you to check on the tire pressure so you know when you need more air (or less air) in the tires.

You can visit service technicians at Classic Mazda today. We’re here to check on your tire pressure for you.



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