One of the eye-catching exterior features of the Mazda3 sedan is the 16-inch wheels. This size offers plenty of height for driving without feeling as though you're in a van or an SUV. You can get 18-inch wheels as an option in the Select package if you want them a bit larger.

All of the lights on the exterior of the car are designed with LED bulbs. Daytime running lights make it easier for others to see you if you're driving in the rain or in other weather conditions. Before driving in reverse, use the backup camera to see if there's anything behind your car.

A push-button start system often helps you maintain control of your vehicle's functions without the need for locating your keys in a purse or pocket. The driver information screen gives you details about fuel mileage, the length of time that you have until the car needs to be serviced by a Mazda service center, and details about voice commands that can be used in the car.



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