The Mazda CX-5's Impressive Safety Features

For families that want to stay safe and protected in their vehicle, the new Mazda CX-5 is a fantastic option. As well as being reliable and comfortable, this impressive crossover SUV is also packed with safety features.

Its innovative Blind Spot Monitoring system is probably the Classic Mazda team's favorite feature. This system can help drivers watch out for potential dangers that they cannot see. If it spots a hazard in one of the driver's blind spots, it will notify them with a chime and a warning light. Put simply, this system protects drivers and their passengers from nasty surprises on the road.

The new CX-5 even assists drivers when they are backing out of a parking space. Its Rear Cross Traffic Alert system keeps an eye out for vehicles approaching from the sides and provides the driver with an audible warning if there is something coming. No more fender benders at the grocery store.



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