Mazda CX-9: Cutting Edge Safety Features

The ever-evolving Mazda fleet claims the honor of several models that are an IIHS Top Safety Pick several years consecutively. The Mazda CX-9 maintains this tradition. This popular 3-row SUV boasts some of the most advanced safety tech available on the market. Here are two standout safety features that confirm this distinction.

Just in case you have a day when your driving reflexes are less than optimal, Lane-Keep Assist ensures that you never veer dangerously into other lanes. Lane-Keep Assist is a proactive component of the Lane Departure Warning System. It actively corrects your driving though minor steering wheel adjustments after sensing a potential unintentional lane departure at speeds over 37 mph.

Thanks to Blind Spot Monitoring, you won't need eyes in the back of your head while driving through town. This system uses radar to detect vehicles that cross behind you, enter your blind spot or overtake your blind spot at high speed, alerting you with a chime and side mirror warning light. It's a nifty feature you should definitely see for yourself. Stop by Classic Mazda today for a test drive.



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