Do you know how to safely change a flat tire? While having a flat tire on the highway is not the worst catastrophe that can happen, it’s definitely a huge inconvenience. Knowing how to safely change a flat tire can not only save you money but can also make it easier to fix the situation quickly so you can continue your journey. At Classic Mazda, we have some great tips.
• Make sure your care is safely off the road with the emergency brake engaged.
• Prior to jacking up the car, get the tire changing supplies out of the trunk, including jack, spare tire and tools.
• Loosen the lug nuts.
• Attach the jack according to the owner’s manual and jack up the car.
• Take off the flat tire and replace it with the good tire.
• Tighten lug nuts.
• Lower vehicle.

Even if you’ve changed the flat tire, it’s still a good idea to have the tires checked by professionals. Stop at our Orlando shop and let us service your vehicle.



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