The road presents plenty of opportunities both good and bad. How it shakes out after an accident depends on several factors. Needless to say, it doesn't matter what age or experience level behind the wheel, you should at least have a basic understanding of what to do if involved in an accident. We at Classic Mazda have heard plenty of customers talk about the dangers of the road and the importance of a safe vehicle.

Accidents Happen

Being careful and driving a safe vehicle is a function every driver ought to follow. Distracted drivers and many other factors cause accidents nonetheless. They will happen. If involved in one, make sure everybody is fine physically. Don't hesitate to call emergency care immediately if someone needs urgent medical attention. The second step involves getting to a safe place.

The immediate moments after an accident will be scary. Move fast before getting too frazzled by getting to a safe place. Once you determine whether or not immediate medical attention is needed you can call the police for them to file an official accident report. This will help with insurance and/or legal claims.

Get documentation from other drivers involved, including names, insurance info, vehicle information and any other pertinent information. Document all aspects of the accident, from time, direction parties were driving and eyewitness accounts. Never leave a scene before everything is cleaned up. Visit us for a test drive in Orlando if in need of a new ride in the weeks following the wreck.


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