Our Classic Mazda team consists of experienced pros who know every detail about makes, models, trims and specs. For specific knowledge about the science of auto repair, we typically defer to our winning service department team. At our last team meeting, one of our factory-trained techs explained the difference between car batteries and alternators. Here's the gist.

Is it the Battery or the Alternator?

The battery and alternator are both part of your car's electrical system. However, your battery has the job of jump staring your ride. Your alternator keeps the electrical juice flowing as you dash through Orlando to work or on errands.

How Does the Alternator Work?

Just like a windmill or a wind turbine, your car's alternator gathers mechanical energy from your car's spinning wheels. It extracts electrons from the energy and directs them through a circuit, creating electricity.

Signs of a Faulty Alternator

Blinking or dim interior/exterior lights and the smell of burning rubber from overheated alternator belts are common signs of a faulty alternator. Alternators usually last about five to seven years.

Have your battery and alternator checked by our dealership's service team today to avoid any issues down the line. We can't wait to meet you.


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