Truth In Advertising


As part of our BUY SMART - BE HAPPY promises, we are truthful with our advertising.  That means there are NO surprise add-ons when you get to the lot.  Our BEST PRICE is just that -- all deductions and incentives are ALREADY included, and EVERYONE qualifies.  See for yourself why it's better to BUY SMART - BE HAPPY with TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.


5 Questions to Ask When Offered a Lifetime Warranty
If you are making a purchase based on a "limited lifetime warranty," take the time to understand the facts.  Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

1. What's included in the powertrain coverage?

Powertrain warranties cover only a limited list of parts stated specifically in the contract.  Usually excluded from this list are the most     common and most expensive repairs needed.

2. What's considered "normal wear and tear"?

Rough Idle, bad fuel economy, oil consumption, low compression, smoking - all signs of age and in need of repair.  These common         issues are usually not covered under "normal wear and tear."

3. Does lifetime really mean LIFETIME?

"Lifetime" of the car is usually strictly defined.  When the policy company values the vehicle as less than the cost of the repair, the warranty is void.  For example, if your car needs $5,000 in repairs, and the policy company appraises your car to be worth only $4,000, they might not cover the cost of repair.

4. How easy will it be to submit a claim?

The burden of proof usually falls entirely on the customer.  Proof of all and every recommended maintenance must be presented at the time of your claim.  Every receipt must include date, VIN, miles, and services performed. 

5. Where can I go to service my vehicle?

Some policies require pre-authorization for any service outside the original selling dealer.  If serviced anywhere else, your warranty may be void.
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